Jesse Eisenberg, Camille Mana and Justin Bartha on The Artsy Farty Show (nov. 22)

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“Cooper, myself and he (Matthew McConaughey) played best friends in that movie (Failure to Launch), so we kind of wanted to get into it and hang out a little before we shot. You know, McConaughey has this trailer and we were shooting on location; he was sitting in his trailer down by the river. Bradley and I go over and we knock on the door to hang out with him one morning. We don’t know him. He answers the door—he answers this beautiful trailer just wearing these little sweat shorts, no shirt, and it’s like, summer but I’m wearing a turtle neck and like sweat pants. He’s like—it like hurts your eyes how beautiful he is. And he’s like, “Alright boys, how you doin’ c’mon sit down by the pat—” he’s got patio furniture and stuff, so we’re like, ‘Okay.’ We sit down; Bradley sits next to him and I sit across from him in this patio chair by a river. I’m like, ‘Wow, I’m sitting with Matthew McConaughey; this is great…’ Then I’m looking down the barrel of his sweat pants—sweat shorts—and he doesn’t—doesn’t wear underwear either? So it’s like the whole time I’m just staring at McConaughnuts…and uh, I don’t say anything. You can’t say—it’s like looking at a solar eclipse: you can’t say anything when you’re looking at that. So, I’m just kind of like, what do you do? Do I look right at ‘em? Do I look away? Do I just start fishing in the river? And Bradley’s talking the whole time and then we say goodbye and he’s like, ‘Dude! What is the deal? You don’t say anything during—we’re sitting with McConaughey.” And I’m like, ‘I’m looking—he wasn’t wearing underwear…I was looking at his testicles the entire time! And Bradley goes, ‘Really? How were they?’ And I—I was like, ‘They were beautiful. They were tanned and shaved… They were like the most beautiful testicles I’d ever seen.’ So. That’s what I think of when I think of that movie.” —JUSTIN BARTHA

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Justin Bartha and Jesse Eisenberg - The NY Public Library’s 2011 Library Lions Gala (Nov. 7)

Justin Bartha and Jesse Eisenberg - The NY Public Library’s 2011 Library Lions Gala (Nov. 7)

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  1. Reporter: How did you [and Jesse Eisenberg] become friends?
  2. Justin Bartha: We met about nine years ago at an audition for a movie that we both didn’t get. I remember it wasn’t a very good movie, and they were doing this screen test where they mix and match different people together. We were sitting in this huge room with all these actors and we just immediately made each other laugh, and that kind of thing. A year went by. We were shooting different movies and we randomly sat next to each other on an airplane back to New York. We’ve been close since.
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