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Kathryn Bigelow, director of The Hurt Locker, is the only woman EVER to win a Best Director Oscar. Only women have ever been nominated. Women made up only 6% of Directors for the top movies of 2013. There were NO female nominees for directing, cinematography, film editing, writing (original screenplay), or music (original score) during last year’s Academy Awards.

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“I used to always want Jesse to find out the truth behind Jane’s death but to be honest, going into the final season I thought to myself “What good would that do?” I realized that would just bring more pain into Jesse’s life and honestly I realized I didn’t want Jesse to find out the truth. Jesse is being dragged away and he hears Walt say “Jesse” and he turns around with some sort of glimmer of possible hope that his old partner might save him, and then Walt simply says “I watched Jane die” just re-broke Jesse’s heart in so many ways. I mean… what a dick.”
— Aaron Paul (via kingribery)

“Rescue dogs who have been taken from abusive situations can act in unpredictable ways. They can bite you or they can ignore you, they can jump and whine when you least expect it. They can ruin your couch. But if you show them just the slightest bit of the love they’ve been denied their entire lives, they will follow you anywhere. For the first few years of Breaking Bad it was possible to view the White-Pinkman partnership as a mismatched buddy comedy — they were two opposites who kept finding themselves pulled together. (All together now: magnets, bitch!) But all of a sudden, in the sober light of day at Hank’s house, the partnership seems abusive and horrific. It was chilling, the numbness in Jesse’s voice as he stared into the camera and confessed that Walter White, the scourge of New Mexico, "was my teacher." All of the terrible things that Jesse did, from shooting a man in the face to giving up a chance at having a family of his own, were all in the hopes of gaining the approval of this toxic father figure. It’s the betrayal of getting kicked in the teeth again that stings him, yes, but his rage and fury are mostly at himself for offering up his face in the first place.”

has harry's voice gotten deeper?

deeper and raspier and idk what else



The final episodes of Breaking Bad won’t air until this summer, but co-starAaron Paul is already making plans for the finale. Paul is hoping to host a massive screening of the final episode, attended by the full cast and crew, at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary in Los Angeles, CA.

First off, we’ll air the pilot and then the cast will all come up and say thank you to everyone for watching. Then we’ll watch the final episode with everybody there and all the proceeds will go to cancer research and drug rehab centres. There will also be one hell of a party.

No concrete dates, times, or ticketing procedures have been set yet but keep an eye on Paul’s Twitter for all the details. [Empire]

Holy fucking shit. Yeah, I’ll be there.