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this gets funnier every time i watch it

This is me.

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  1. biphobe: ugh bisexual women are really just strai--
  2. me: sTRAIGHT UP BISEXUAL AWW YEAAH [high fives Grace Jones and Anna Paquin while riding a unicorn]
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Blake Lively about going to the gym

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found another one of those “meet the blogger” surveys

Name: Jesika
Favourite saved url: kinney-s
The next movie you’re planning to watch: Catching Fire (need to get on it asap!)
The last movie you watched: Granica (old polish movie)
The book you’re currently reading: too many i cant finish anything
Favorite female fictional character: Debra Morgan but so many!!
Favorite male fictional character: JESSE PINKMAN OBVS
The number of songs on your iPod: i dont have one lmao
That one song that’s been stuck in your head all week: Latch by Disclosure
The fictional character you identify with most: Debra Morgan
Favorite word: HARRYSTYLES

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about me

  • last song you listened to: jump by rihanna
  • how many messages are in your inbox atm: 592
  • what do you want to name your kids: i have no idea if i even want to have kids 
  • what do you think the meaning of life is: HAVE FUN MAKE THE MOST OF IT!!!
  • red or white wine: red i guess 
  • what was the last movie you saw in theatres: Blue Jasmine
  • favourite song to sing to in the car: i dont have a car
  • if you could see any artist in concert tonight, who would it be: justin timberlake 
  • last book you read: im reading too many cant finish
  • would you makeout with the last person you texted of the opposite sex: no
  • do you prefer beer or liqour: liqour!!!
  • favourite accent: any kind of english accent
  • tell me a funny party story: i cant think of one now im not that fun i dont remember sorry
  • have you ever kissed a member of the same sex: not yettttt 

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