It’s so rewarding to see teachers acting fake when the principal comes in the classroom

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I was wrong. I was just scared because going to Haiti meant spending all of my time with you, and a lot of it confined to a very small tent with a guy who is, let’s face it, all elbows and penis. But it was dumb, because all I have ever wanted was to be in a serious relationship with a great guy. And now I’m in one. And I threw it away because it was hard. Also we’re really good together.

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Behind the scenes polaroids from Aubrey Plaza’s shoot with Nylon Magazine [x]

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I was living in a state of was perpetual deja vu, everywhere I went I felt like I already been there. It was like following a invisible man. The smell of dry blood, dirty foot prints circling each other, that aroma of old sweat like fried chicken, the feel of a floor still warm the fight the night before.

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Angel Haze photographed by Thomas Whiteside

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Tatiana Maslany on Jordan Gavaris
"It’d be amazing to play a clone that was like Jordan [Gavaris]. He’s like so opposite of Felix, it’s unbelievable. He’s like kind of country, always baking, just like watching Murder She Wrote. He has like the weird little Southern twang. Just like the sweetest guy on the planet. It would be really cool to play somebody like… I just want to play Jordan. I just want to be Jordan really."

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at Stella McCartney Green Carpet Collectio



at Stella McCartney Green Carpet Collectio

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Bill Hader, photographed by Jai Odell for INTERVIEW, Sep 2014.

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I’m confident in who I am. 

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the most important thing to me ever is bi kids knowing that it’s ok to be 10% attracted to women and 90% attracted to men or 10% attracted to men and 90% attracted to women and still feeling ok to identify as bi, and still feeling like their identity is valid, and still feeling like they can lead fulfilling lives with both (or other) genders. like that’s just so fricking important.

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