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Stella meets Aaron Paul #coachella [x]
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respond to this publicly with five things you like about yourself & then send to ten of your favorite followers!

okay i’m going to try answer this now, i’m really sorry it took me so long but yeah let’s try to find five things, okay so

  1.  i really like the fact that even though im the worst procrastinator if i have to do something important i will eventually do it with great results even if it’s at the last minute (well at least most of the time lmao sshh) 
  2. i like my taste of music cause i’m literally able to fall in love with anything if you convince me to listen to it and say your reasons why it’s good i love all the music and it’s great 
  3. i like my cat and my cat is like part of me so it counts w/e w/e 
  4. i like the fact that i’m a loner, i mean i love meeting new people but it’s good to be on your own sometimes i really like that 
  5. and last i dont know.. i guess i like my hair i take real pride in them

these are so bad omggg half of these aren’t even actual things about myself i just made them to seem like they are about me im so sorry this is just too hard for me haha

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The only thing you need to see.. Peter dinklage and Lena Heady hula hooping at a gay bar.

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